A Great and Terrible Beauty…

The day takes a turn; the winding wind yawns,
My outer skin prickles as curtains are drawn,
Long shadows quicken around a great eye,
As sun streamers snap in a tumble-torn sky,

Big bellied thunder stacks violent with light,
Sequester my sonnets of summer delight,
Tears in effusion like pellets of glass,
Drum the parched ground and flatten the grass,

The beast rears its heads; they quarrel and gnash,
I wince at the clamour; the rumble and clash,
I dash for the cover of tremulous trees,
Count with the monster and bite at my knees,

But lo! Look there! What’s that up ahead?
A candy strung smile does arc o’er my head,
Such beautiful rage! What soul stirring sight!
Would render me speechless? Could master such sleight?

What terrible beauty, so rapturous great,
Could unstring my heart and remake my fate?
I shiver and weep for the knowing it brings,
And pray that I keep to truth of such things,
So I face the new Heavens and proffer my hands,
An amorous slave of this ravishing land.

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