Sin and Bone…

Marshlight on a windswept moor,
Enchanting streak of gold,
She drifts among the autumn leaves,
And lures me to her fold.

Whispers in the midst of night,
A song from bygone days,
She dances to a soundless tune,
Light as a summer’s haze.

Soft as silken spider webs,
Her brittle strength doth bind,
My heart in twinkling silver threads,
My thoughts within her mind.

A ghost among the shadows,
The flicker in my dreams,
She burns throughout the midnight hours,
Across the depths she gleams.

A glittering oasis,
Beyond the endless sands,
She shimmers like a precious jewel,
Within my weathered hands.

A needle in the haystack,
The thorn that pricks my side,
She leads me past my youthful years,
To her I must abide.

A lullaby to die to,
For mine own ears alone,
She serenades my soul until,
I’m naught but sin and bone.

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