Ode to an Autumn Leaf…

Bright ember at the end of day,
Shining in ageless brittle grace,
Once where lush youth made you gay,
A gentle script betrays your face.
Amber jewel upon mine hand,
Ruby streaks among the gold,
Your beauty sings before my eyes,
Raging against cruel winter’s grand,
And petrifying breath of cold.
It makes me weep for your fine guise.

Russet joy amid withered heads,
You dance upon the bough,
When all the rest are to their beds,
Blazing, you make your vow,
To go not soft into the night,
Nor die in wretched hopelessness.
In you I yet taste summer’s kiss,
As you ready for the final fight,
I bow before thine righteousness,
To bask in your unending bliss.

Is this farewell, oh blessed belle?
Will I yet see you again?
Give me hope to fare me well,
A gentle touch to warm me when,
The darkened nights are closing in.
I mourn the riches you’re brethren toss,
Upon the winter pyre. Do not flee!
I’ll wait for you my love, to revel in your win,
When autumn, borne of summer’s loss,
Doth bring you back to me.

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