Transient White Mountains…

You transient white mountains,
Endless mystery to me,
Dancing with the gulls,
Upon an airy sea,
You who spin cotton dreams,
For everyone but me.

Cruel deceitful lot, see how you flee!
Shapes form amid your masses,
Faces leer at me. Look there!
My love drifts upon the ether,
And lost memories hide,
Among your peaks!

Talk not of silver linings here,
For they have paled for me,
Shining promises made dull,
Ford no empathy for thee,
So climb, inconstant fools,
And ever leave me be!

But lo! Chaos roils in your wake,
The air sparks; darkness parts,
Fording a shaft of clarity,
I weep for the knowing it sings,
And for the sorrow it brings,
For this dread storm,
Seeks to consume me!

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